Mushroom Fine Art is Back in Style

Remember during the 1960s, when trippy mushroom drawings were featured on everything from albums covers to neighborhood graffiti? Now artistic interpretations of this earthy vegetable are springing up in the modern and alternative art worlds.
Mushrooms have so many natural curves that they beg to be interpreted in pencil or charcoal. The drawings can be black and white or be made into a color extravaganza including vibrant blue stalks and yellow polka dot caps.
If you are a budding artist, all you need is a set of colored pencils to create your own trippy mushroom drawings. For inspiration, just go out in the woods and see them growing wild in dark moist areas. Note the feathery fibers fringing the caps and the sway of the stalks. If you live in an urban area, try buying or taking photos of supermarket mushrooms to get the different shapes and textures in your mind, and then go wild with as much color as your imagination allows.